Humberto Gómez has had a great part in evangelizing Mexico. He led his brothers to the Lord, and with them, nephews, and other preachers, they have started over 75 churches, and have flourishing works in nearly every state of Mexico. Dr. Gómez was one of the first preachers to go to the Aztec Indians of the central mountain regions. In 2004, Dr. Gómez completed a revision of the 1602 Reina-Valera Spanish Bible, and thousands have been printed and shipped to Christians all over the world. The revision corrects several passages that agreed with corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts, and brings the Reina-Valera in line with the KJV 1611.

Field address:

Humberto Gómez, Sr.
PO Box 868
Brownsville, Tx. 78522