Cliff Taylor has been a member of Charity for several years. He served as a  missionary in Papua, New Guinea, and is now an evangelist and helper to churches  all over the world. In the last few years, he has travelled to Canada, Cuba and Kenya, among other places, encouraging and assisting missionaries and nationals; he has conducted evangelistic campaigns and mission conferences, and helped establish churches and found Bible institutes.

Prayer Letters

May-June 2014

My Dear Brethren,

Please forgive the lateness of this letter.  With my Dad’s passing away, we had been quite busy with tending to him before he died and handling the ministry.  His house was not in the most conducive area of the country to get things done electronically.  Cell phone and internet are spotty at best.  It blows my mind that we have such trouble with it there, and then to think that it’s all going to work for the anti-christ when he shows up!

My dear Wife had been there as his constant care giver for over 2 months, and toward the end he went fast.  It was the greatest two weeks spiritually that any man could have had with his Father.  He had dementia and then cancer to boot.  The last week or so, it was as if the dementia was gone, as only the spiritual man came forth from him.  He spoke clearly and plainly of what he was experiencing, talking much of “going home”.  We were all well aware that he was talking of his “long home” as Solomon put it in Ecclesiastes 12:5.

During one of our “father son talks” Dad looked up and out the car window and said “I’m soon going home son.”   I told him one of the neat things about it was the fruit he had there already waiting.  He asked “how’s that son?”  I told him of two men he personally won to the Lord who were there waiting for him, one being his own father.  He leaned over in the seat with tears running down his face and said “God sure has been good to us hasn’t he son!”  It was all I could do to keep the car going straight!  AMEN!

Thanks to all who prayed for us especially during it all.  God’s grace was truly wonderful and 2 were saved at the viewing and funeral.  We also met folks Dad had witnessed to who had gotten saved as well.

We are “back in the saddle” again, and going forward.  The work in Burgaw NC is progressing nicely.  We covet your prayers for God’s direction there.

We have also recently received word from Bro. David Kerich in Kenya.  He is ready to start another church.  Please pray for all the logistics, timing, and provision.  He has not yet found his daughter Freda who went missing over a year ago, but he and his wife are ready to go forward in the battle, trusting God to work.

Without you, we could not do what we do.  We only trust that God would make the fruit abound to your account.  Thank you from the depths of our hearts.

By His Grace,

Bro. Cliff & Sis. Linda Taylor
Mt. 9:37, 38

Jan-Feb 2014

My Dear Brethren,

I Cor. 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

In these days of spiritual and moral decline, it shouldn’t surprise us when folks go away from God. Such is the case of a church that is very dear to us. I won’t mention names, but they have been in decline for several years. Now their “new” pastor is “led of God” to take another church. Too bad he didn’t take it about 5 years ago. The church folk want us to step in and help bring them back from the brink, however the “powers that be” (a deacon and his son) THINK they have it “under control”. (To anyone looking on, it’s easy to see that it’s on a collision course WITH THE GROUND!) It’s our prayer they get help soon and submit to it! We are willing, if they will allow us to help.
We sure hate to see the lights go out on what was once a great church.

On the other hand, We were blessed of God to meet a man who has labored on for years in the little town of Lordsburg, New Mexico. Bro. George Philhour has been there for over 10 years. Because of lack of good jobs, most of his small congregation moved on to other towns and churches with their jobs. He has now been there as we found him, faithful, for about 7 or 8 years with only his family and brother in law. When I asked around town about a church on a Wednesday night, everybody in town knows that they are the only ones open! Even the police take folks there who are looking for a church when passing through!

While talking to him, he mentioned that other preachers have asked him if he ever thought about moving on to a larger town and church. His reply to them was “Oh sure, who wouldn’t in my circumstance, BUT I CAN’T GET GOD TO GO ALONG WITH IT! He called me here and hasn’t changed my direction, SO I MUST REMAIN AT MY POST!”

In Whittier California we found another man faithful, Bro. Fred Aikey with Cornerstone Baptist Church, where we were able to see God save some folks. They are the only Baptist Church in town, and very small. Bro. Aikey has many physical limitations due to an injury gotten while a Special Forces Marine. Yet he has chosen to stay at his post and faithfully serve till Jesus comes or takes him home.

As we write this, we have had some work done on our transmission, (it overheated 90 miles out in the desert while going from one meeting to the next) and await a mechanic who is going to put a fan clutch on for us while we travel to our next meeting by car. It is a major undertaking for him on this thing, as there is very little space to work, and that space is in a cramped position. Thank the Lord for good saved and trustworthy mechanics.

Since our last letter we have seen 5 saved and been able to help some folks along the way. Our contacts for the Bible project have all “disappeared” and we have no idea where. Please continue to pray with us about getting the rest of the funds and re-establishing new connections. Communications have been very limited.

We love you and are praying for you. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support.

By His Grace,

Bro. Cliff & Sis. Linda Taylor
Mt. 9:37, 38

Nov-Dec 2013

My Dear Brethren,

Ps. 22:27 All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the LORD: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee.

We started 2013 in Papua New Guinea, and ended it in Panama City, Florida. We covered about 45,000 miles by vehicle, and another 60,000 by air. We saw folks turn to the Lord from the “ends of the world” and across the North American Continent. Folks are worshiping the Lord who never knew his name, and some who knew of him, and now have him as their Lord! There is no way we can put in words what we witnessed our Lord do. All we can say is GOD IS GOOD, OUR REDEEMER IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE!

As we start out 2014, we already have a request from another Kenyan man Bro. Charles Mageri, to come and teach him and his people the Bible. It seems to be another case of “Pastor by volunteer”, as is the case many times in Kenya. The man has very little or no Bible training, and volunteers to be pastor of some folks who really want to worship God, but have no idea what the Bible teaches. We are corresponding with him, and trying to make sure the request is “legit”. We will keep you posted.

We still have some to check on in the U S as well. Keeping the lights burning is close to our hearts. If the lights go out here at home, it won’t be long till they no longer reach the ends of the earth either.

We covet your prayers for our health, my blood pressure is up again, and of course there is no logical reason why. It does make overseas travel a bit of a strain, but I have never been one to refuse anybody who calls out. It is your prayers that have kept us going thus far, and we trust
that both of us praying together shall enable us to finish our course with joy. Please continue to pray for our “home” as well. We are still dealing with issues there as well.

Thank you for standing with us all these years, enabling us to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

We love you and are praying for you.

By His Grace,

Bro. Cliff & Sis. Linda Taylor
Mt. 9:37, 38

July-August 2013
My Dear Brethren,

Psalm 42:11 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

This is the third time in Psalm 42 the Psalmist asks himself this question. He asks it again in the next chapter. He asks the question after he had gone with the multitude to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept holyday (Verse 4).

We have a perfect example of this today in our churches. Often folks come up to us and ask us “how is it in the churches”, and it seems they are cast down in soul. It’s almost as though they expect us to say “Well, in these last days, the church is in apostasy, and folks just don’t care any more, and…well frankly God has left us to fend for ourselves.” HOWEVER, That just simply is not the case. For while some have gone by the wayside, MANY HAVE NOT!

Our home church recently went through a rough time as our pastor resigned a midst turmoil. As we preached there some weeks and months later, it sure appears to us that the spirit is the best it’s been in years. There was more liberty in preaching than one can imagine. One man has moved there to go to the Bible Institute, (The last time that happened was years ago). Another man is bringing men from his church in another state over 60 miles one way to attend the Bible Institute! Souls have been saved and baptized and added to the church as well.

In two of the churches that we’ve helped to re-establish, upon recent visits, we find the story is the same. While they have been through their rough times, and even to the point of despair at times, they’ve stuck with it, and God has blessed with souls added to the church and families joining as well. There are still a good many soldiers “holding the line.”

Having looked at the current state of affairs in our world, have you been somewhat cast down in soul? Why not do as the Psalmist did in the rest of the verse hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.
GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL, AND STILL ON THE THRONE! He doesn’t even need half a baby aspirin for his head ache from all that’s going on! He’s still in charge!! AMEN!

Thank you for praying and giving so we can go and work in the field. We are praying for you.

By His Grace,

Bro. Cliff & Sis. Linda Taylor
Mt. 9:37, 38

June 2013


My Dear Brethren,

Rom. 2:7  To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:

One of the hardest things to do is be patient when we see folks who are lost but searching.  All too often we “pick unripe fruit” so to speak in a spiritual sense.  It is so much better if we let the sinner seek God and God deal with the sinner and bring him along to salvation.  Remember, we are to be fishers of men, not catchers of men.  As the old song writer put it, patiently win them.  Our job is to sew the seed.  God will still save whosoever will when they come to him for salvation.

In one of our meetings in Nova Scotia an athiest lady came one night.  She sat cross-armed glaring at me the first night.  Lo and behold she came back again the next night.  This time she sat cross-armed, but began to look at me quizically.  The ice was starting to break, and she began to show signs of apetite for the truth before the message was over.  The Sunday after we left, she came to church and brought her two boys!  We haven’t heard of her salvation yet, but Bro. Mark Thren and crew are patiently winning her.

In another meeting we had an 18 year old young man come who had never set foot in a church.

He had, however, been an avid reader.  He read after all the philosophers, and for the last couple years, been reading a King James Bible.  He had many questions, and had already figured out some things.  He still was not saved though, and and by his own admission not ready to get saved.  We told him as Jesus told the scribe in Mark 12:34…Thou art not far from the kingdom of God.  Then encouraged him not to stop until he was saved.

We also had some interest shown in the Bible project.  It looks as though things are moving again!  We still need $13,000.00 to print a container load.

One great blessing came after I preached in a tent meeting in PA.  A young man of 31 came up to me and hugged my neck saying “You don’t remember me do you?”  (He had gone bald and aged 18 years since I last saw him.)  He Said “I could never forget you, you led me to Christ at the altar when I was a 13 year old boy!”  Then it all came flooding back.  I had been his pastor all those years ago.  He said “I just want you to know it stuck!  I’m still serving Jesus!”  What a joy it is to know That God uses vessels such as us to help others come to know him!

We also received news back from Bro. David Kerich in Kenya that his daughter Freda was able to call him secretly and let him know that she is alive.  They still don’t know where she is.  It seems she’s become slave labor.  Praise God for our American police, who don’t operate on bribes to search for missing persons.  Please continue to pray for her safe return.

Thank you for giving and praying so we could go into the regions beyond.  We are praying for you.

By His Grace,

Bro. Cliff & Sis. Linda Taylor

Mt. 9:37, 38