Who are we?

Charity Baptist Foundation is a non-profit shipping ministry, entirely operated by Charity Baptist Church in Kettering, Ohio. Our mission is to collect and ship Christian literature to foreign fields, free of charge. The material is then distributed to missionaries and national pastors for use in churches and Christian schools.

We have a warehouse about 20 minutes from the church where we process literature that is donated from all over the United States. The boxed material is stored in our warehouse until the containers (basically, a semi truck trailer’s worth of space) are loaded, trucked, and shipped throughout the world.

Since the late 1990’s, CBF has sent millions of tracts and Bibles in over 120 containers! Over 1 million tons of Bibles, Sunday School material, schoolbooks, and songbooks have made their way into the hands of Christians around the world. Millions have been reached, dozens of churches have been planted, and thousands have been saved as a result.

What do we send?
We ship King James Bibles and other KJV-based material. The foundation receives much of the material from publishers and distributors that have excess stock. Organizations such as Bearing Precious Seed and Fellowship Tract League provide Bibles and tracts free of charge for such projects. Many churches donate their old songbooks, hymnals, Bibles, and Sunday School material, and Christian schools donate used textbooks and material such as ACE paces. These are erased and used repeatedly on foreign fields. Individual households send us extra Bibles (new or used) and private libraries of study books. Even “worn-out” Bibles are valuable: People on the field will gladly rebind a used Bible. All the material is given away at no cost to the receiving churches and pastors.
Where do we send it?
Our focus is primarily the Philippines, which is where the ministry began shipping to over 15 years ago. God has kept the door wide open for shipping, and has established good pastoral leadership on the receiving end. English is spoken throughout the Philippines and students are required to learn it, so they are able to use pretty much anything we can. Over the years, more than 100 containers have been sent to the Philippines; however, CBF has also shipped to the Ukraine, Nigeria, Africa, France and Romania. In 2006, we sent our first container to Liberia!
What about equipment?
In the past we have also sent equipment to the fields including pianos, organs, sound systems, computers, copiers, printing presses, and paper cutters. We have also shipped building supplies like tools and sawmills. We have shipped vehicles as well. Customs, taxes, and duty fees vary from country to country and have become very costly, so it has become more advantageous to send Bibles and Christian literature (which is duty free) than to pay taxes on equipment. As of now, CBF ships only printed material.
How can YOU help?
Do you have old Bibles laying around home that you no longer use? Many Americans have four, five, six or more Bibles, some of which go unused for years. Did you know that many national pastors have no Bible at all? Send us any extra Bible you have, no matter what shape it’s in. Maybe your church has old songbooks packed away: In other countries, these are valuable. Even if they’re worn, they can be rebound and used by churches. Does your church have a Christian school? Do you have home-schoolers with paces and books that are outdated or cannot be reused? These items are all put to use overseas. Schools are desperate for these materials. Do you print Bibles or tracts that you want to give away to missionaries? We are the connection to many missionaries and nationals; all you need to do is box the material and send it to us.

Pack the literature you wish to donate, and send it to the address below:

Charity Baptist Foundation 1600 Brownleigh Rd. Kettering, OH 45429

Once we have received the material, it will be processed, designated for a specific container, and stored in our warehouse. At the end of the quarter, you will receive a receiving record in the mail, along with a newsletter. You can keep updated on the container that your material is in by visiting this page on our website. Eventually the container will be sent and the pictures will be posted. You can rest assured that God will bless you, as you have given to see that someone else is blessed.

Of course, the greatest need is the money to ship the containers. All expenses are paid by CBF so that the material may be given away completely free of charge to the missionaries and nationals who need it. Each container to the Philippines cost approximately $3,800; containers to Africa cost over $6,000.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Support CBF financially

2. Pray that others will support CBF

3. Send us your used or new Bibles (KJV), Sunday School material, and Christian literature