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Patrick Murphy

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As a member of Charity Baptist Church since 1995, Patrick J. Murphy has served in various Church ministries over the years and was voted in as Pastor on, June 30 2013.

He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Divinity from Great Plains Baptist University. He has also received the Colonel of Theology from Charity Baptist Bible Institute where he has taught for over 15 years.

Patrick is a 24 year Veteran of the Armed Forces and currently works as a civilian Network Engineer. He, his wife Deana and their children endeavor to serve the Lord Jesus Christ together as the Lord allows, desiring to be a help to their local Church. They strive together to reach others with the life changing message of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and encourage Christians to, “Fight the good fight…” 1Tim6:12


Sergio Gonzalez

Associate Pastor

Yvonne Pritchard

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Yvonne Pritchard has been serving as the church secretary since 2009.


Tom Lynch


In January 1986, Bro. Tom Lynch came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. His wife, Mrs. Cheryl trusted Christ as her personal Savior around the age of five. They were wed in holy matrimony in 1988, and became members of Charity Baptist Church in 1989. The Lord has blessed them with four sons and a daughter.

Through out the years, they both have become active in multiple outreach ministries, including Bro. Tom serving as a deacon since April 2008.


Keith Woods


My name is Keith Woods and I asked Jesus to save me on February 10th, 2002. As I look back, I can see the hand of God moving in my life leading me up to the point where I knew I NEEDED HIM! Since trusting Jesus, He has made a complete change of my life. Before Jesus, I enjoyed parties and causing trouble – Since Jesus, I love to learn more about Him and help people with their troubles. That is what God is able to do, change your life and mind (II Cor 5:17) if you let Him!

God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and 4 beautiful children, which the doctors told us we couldn’t have – Praise the Lord! He also allows me to serve within my church as a Deacon, and a Sunday School teacher! What a blessing!

Please, come join us and let the Lord make a change in your life!


Dwayne Davidson

pitzer family pic

Patrick Pitzer


Patrick J Pitzer became a member of Charity Baptist Church in September of 2008, a few weeks after he was married to his wife Stefanie. He was raised in Church his entire life, and was gloriously saved from sin at the age of 14. He surrendered to preach the gospel at the age of 19, and enjoys serving the Lord with his wife and four children. He has served the Church as a deacon since July of 2010.


Jason Redmon